We now live in a culture that has lost sight of thousands of years of ritual, that has replaced wisdom learned from living in earth-centric communities with a blend of psycho-babble and a patriarchal fear-driven illusion of what makes “a real man” or, for that matter, “a real woman”. Some say that we no longer need ritual and ceremony because they are basically nothing but religious practises and “god is dead“.

Yet we continue to engage in ceremonies from birth to death; baptism (or baby-naming), circumcision, marriage and funerals being perhaps the most obvious. While we in the ‘modern world’ no longer engage in pagan/ heathen ‘coming of age’ rituals centred on wilderness survival or various gender-segregated ceremonies, many a youngster still has a Mitzvah or their Senior Prom or a ritual around getting their first car.

Some therapists have come to recognize there is, or can be, some benefit to be gained through rituals marking other events; loss of a personal or business relationship (divorce or getting laid off) is recognized as having a major impact on one’s mental health. We hold the spirits of those four-leggeds who have blessed us with their love very close to our heart and know just how deeply such losses are felt.

Neo-pagans have long recognized this and have ceremonies and rituals to mark any number of milestones in the cycle of life. With this in mind, we are available to commemorate those events you consider important milestones in your journey on this planet; we will work with you to prepare and facilitate a suitable ceremony.

Marriage Ceremonies

Our founder, Brian Gryphon, is licensed to perform legal marriages in the State of Ohio. As of June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled any Law or State Constitution section that attempts to prevent full Marriage Equality contravenes the Constitution of the United States. We are thrilled to be able to perform legal marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples immediately.

Important Information

We do not arrange rentals for ceremony space, catering, entertainment or other services; nor do we procure licenses or permits that may be required. We are not licensed Wedding Counselors nor may we provide legal or tax advice. Our purpose is to facilitate a celebration of the milestone(s) in your life. Please be sure to read Our Important Terms.

General information on Marriage Licenses is on-line at the Franklin County Probate Court. The more detailed Title 31 of the Ohio Revised Code is also online.