How to support our Ministry

As a Spiritual Humanist, a Degree from a Christian theological school would not be the most effective (nor efficient) education. Instead, I have identified selected courses at a local Community College that can enhance this Ministry. Courses range from the Classics to ones in History, English and Philosophy. Fees and books average about $75 per course; after my 60th birthday (July 2018) I will be able to Audit courses at CSCC for just the fees (if space available). I received federal Financial Aid for our studies in Digital Photography so do not qualify for additional aid- and continue to carry a balance on Student Loans.

Net proceeds from the following items will be used to support my training. By not using a crowd-funding web-site I can provide high-value items starting at under US$20. I also earn a small fee for purchases from our Reading List or any Suggested Vendor mentioned on the pages of this site.

Tarot Card Readings

eMail Readings:
Some readers prefer to have their client in the room with them for the reading. Some want the client to do the final cut of cards. I prefer doing email readings because I don’t want to be influenced by the client’s body language and reactions to the cards or what they hear. This also allows me to do a reading when this world is quiet and the universe may best be heard; often in the middle of the night here.

Card readings are a spiritual ritual rather than predictive or professional service. Donations are not tax deductible but may well be good for your karma.

Every Day: Miracles

Every day:

This book started as a collection of images shot for a Digital Photography course at Columbus State Community College, along with selected quotations around the theme of every day miracles. The expanded 2nd Edition (2014) has added material; 30 pages in total.

  • List Price: $19.99
  • Edition: Second
  • Publication Date: May 14 2014
  • ISBN/EAN13: 1499559410 / 9781499559415
  • Binding Type: US Trade Paper
  • Trim Size: 7.5″ x 9.25″
  • Language: English
  • Color: Full Color with Bleed
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