See also Card Readings and End Of Life Doula below.

Celebrant Fees

Most ceremonies fall clearly into one of the following categories; divided by the amount of preparation (meetings, emails, research) required on both our parts. If you envision some other ritual or ceremony please contact us.

A. Memorial Services or
Commitment Ceremonies
(Wedding, Handfasting, Union, Renewal of Vows)
Our Fees for Preparation and Officiating: $175
Includes two face-to-face meetings, emails and phone calls as required
and performing the Ceremony with up to 48 guests;
does not include attending a rehearsal event.

B. Other ‘Cycle of Life’ Events
(Baby naming/welcoming, Coming of Age, Mitzvah, Croning, Divorce, Pet Memorials)
Our Fees for Preparation and Officiating: $100
Includes one face-to-face meeting and emails & phone calls as required
and performing the Ceremony with up to 48 guests;
does not include attending a rehearsal event.

Important Terms

Fees: All fees must be pre-paid. A deposit of $50 must accompany your signed copy of our Ceremony Agreement to reserve our services (if not pre-paid through the Paypal link on this page). The balance must be paid in full no less than seven (7) days before the scheduled event.

Travel: Our fees do not include travel outside of Franklin County Ohio; mileage and other expenses will be quoted on an individual basis.

Termination: Failure to pay balance due or unruly actions/disorderly conduct from a couple and/or guests is a breach of contract and may incur termination of services without refund.

Guests: Additional fees may be due and payable at time of services if guest list far exceeds the number contractually agreed upon and which fees have been based.

Starting Time: Late starts of more than 15 minutes will incur a $25 charge per quarter hour, payable at time of services, beginning 20 minutes after scheduled/contractual starting time. Fee will be waived in event of actual emergency (An emergency is defined as a catastrophic event or act of God).

Approval of Ceremony: Celebrant retains the right to edit anything and everything he is expected to read aloud in public, in order to insure proper decorum and professionalism.

Services Provided: We do not arrange rental space, catering or other services; nor do we procure licenses or permits that may be required. We are not licensed Wedding Counselors nor may we provide legal or tax advice. Our purpose is to facilitate a celebration of the milestone(s) in your life.

Card Readings

We offer Email Readings with a donation to our ministry. Card readings are a spiritual ritual rather than predictive or professional service.

End Of Life Doula

The time commitment and expenses incurred serving as an End Of Life Doula are unique to each person; we request only the minimum donation necessary.