Tarot Readings

eMail Readings:
Some readers prefer to have their client in the room for the reading. Some want the client to do the final cut of cards. I prefer doing email readings because I don’t want to be influenced by the client’s body language or reactions to the cards or what they hear. This allows me to do a reading when this world is quiet and the universe may best be heard.

My Experience:
I came out as gay in 1978; self-identifying as queer for almost two decades. Over the decades I’ve studied a wide variety of spiritual traditions; nature-based ‘pagan’ as well as ‘major world religions’. Introduced to the Tarot by my partner in 1980, together with our roommate we studied cards, astrology, numerology and other divination tools. More information on my spiritual background and experience is on my Biography page.

all2015decks500 My Decks:
As pictured here, I have various designs of the traditional 78 card pack, as well as some First Nations-based decks.
Top Row, L to R: Sacred Rose; Medieval Scapini; Aquarian; Morgan-Greer.
Bottom Row: Sacred Path Cards; Medicine Cards; Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards.

About Your Reading:

  • ‘Yes/No’ questions are rarely answered directly; Tarot tends to reveal undercurrents or signals being ignored. Issues of personal growth are more suited to a card reading;
  • Queries of ‘when’ or ‘should’ or ‘will’ you do or get something are generally met with input on hidden meanings, significance, or potential lesson of your current situation or spiritual growth;
Requested donations** for various card readings

Concise Reading US$20.00
This will focus on a single question or situation- readings generally use 3 to 5 cards in a single spread.
Classic Reading US$35.00
A question about a broader situation or time-frame; with up to three specific questions. May include a single spread with up to 8 cards, or multiple smaller spreads, depending on your question(s).
Complex Reading US$50.00
Using 10+ cards; may include cards from an additional deck for clarity.

** Important Terms and Information

@ Please see our Tarot Terms page;
@ Examples of actual client readings & card Spreads;
@ If you have any questions, please send me a note;
@ I have some notes on the history of tarot.