Tarot Spreads

My reading ritual is minimalist; lighting a stick of incense and a candle as I recite your question a few times. Before this I’ve selected a ‘spread‘ (card layout) that fits the question. Once the cards are laid out I record them on paper along with initial reactions and obvious connections to the question. Taking a moment to look at the entire spread I make note of which suit(s) have the most cards and any other significant correlations. From these notes I prepare the final reading notes which will be sent to you as a .pdf file.

Most readings will use a basic geometric pattern; the following spreads (with either one or two cards at each point) are my most used. Before the cards are shuffled I pick a spread and assign what each position represents.


To illustrate this, while protecting client confidentiality, I have attached a screen capture of two actual readings (with details concealed). Click on each thumbnail to see the larger image.

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