I’ve identified selected courses at a local Community College that can enhance my Ministry. Fees and books average about $75 per course. Although there are many great books or videos available for free, the structure and discipline of a college course (required reading and assignments) maximize comprehension and retention of the material.

The first six emphasize my End of Life Doula services, while the rest are more generalized spirituality and/or LGBTQ courses. Many of these are offered as web-based courses which would allow me to work them in around other commitments. I no longer qualify for federal financial aid and work nights cleaning a warehouse, so enrollment will only happen if when (think positive!) the universe provides. See How to Support Us to make a donation or purchase fund-raising items.

Potential College Courses:

MULT 1180    Family & Aging Services
MULT 2234    Therap. Applied Humor
PHIL 2270    Philosophy of Religion
SOC 2210    Sociology of Deviance
SOC 2309    Law and Society
SOC 2330    Marriage and Family Relations

CLAS 1222    Classical Mythology
CLAS 1224    Classical Civilization: Greece
CLAS 1225    Classical Civilization: Rome
CLAS 1226    Classical Civilization: Byzantium
ENGL 2270    Introduction to Folklore
ENGL 2567    Composition II: Writing about Gender and Identity

HART 1201    History of Art I
HIST 1111    European History to 1648
HIST 1181    World Civilization I: Non-Western to 1500
HIST 1182    World Civilization II: Non-Western since 1500
HUM 1270    Comparative Religions
LATN 1101    Beginning Latin

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