Get Out Of Gender FREE Cards
Inspired by a Tweet last weekend, I decided to print a small number of cards. These are business card sized (3.5″x2″) on heavy 16pt stock, with a gloss coat on both sides.

I wish I could just give them away but like so many folks these days, I’m doing multiple part-time jobs just to stay afloat. My actual cost for 9 cards is about $1.50 shipped to me. Those 9 cards in a #6 envelope weigh just under 1 oz and so need just a $0.50 stamp to send First Class Letter to a US postal address. However, that does not include tracking.

The least expensive trackable option is to send as Certified Mail. These are tracked but also require someone to sign for the envelope. The next option is Priority Mail- includes tracking, but no signature required.

I will absorb most of the cost of printing the cards; pricing below is mostly the actual mailing expense.


The following rates are for delivery via US Postal Service to US addresses only. The first two options are for 9 cards in a standard envelope with First Class postage (with or without Certified Delivery). The Second two options are for 10, or 30 cards, in a Priority Mail “Two Day service” Flat Rate envelope which can hold more cards.



Due to a small number of small minds that would otherwise attempt to take advantage I have to get all official:
# First Class Mail can not be tracked, nor an order replaced if USPS fails to perform;
# Certified Mail will include proof of delivery with a signature of the recipient;
# Priority Mail will include tracking up to delivery to the postal address.